Are You Scared Of Getting A Tooth Extraction?

Are You Scared Of Getting A Tooth Extraction?

October 13, 2021

There is nothing bad about getting a tooth extraction. It might interest you to know that more people get tooth extractions daily and have gone back to living their normal lives without complications.  Getting the best dental treatment from the best dental offices or hospitals can make be advantageous to your dental health. If you get your tooth extractions in Redding, be rest assured that our dentists would provide top-notch dental services and help you experience a smooth recovery process.

Tooth extraction is a dental treatment that deals with the total removal or complete pulling out of a damaged, injured or infected tooth. This procedure can be performed by a general dentist or an oral surgeon who specializes in oral surgery. Why an oral surgeon? Well, tooth extraction is a dental surgery. During the process, patients are giving local, general, or intravenous anesthesia to numb the area or prevent them from feeling pains during the procedure.

Tooth extraction is a quick procedure. However, it could become complicated if a cracked tooth is broken into many pieces inside the gums.

Before a dentist might consider recommending tooth extraction, the first thing the dentist informs you about is the fact that you would never get to grow another tooth especially if you are an adult and you’re about to extract your permanent tooth. Fortunately, several restorative dental procedures allow a patient who has undergone tooth extractions to have an artificial tooth that looks like a natural tooth and also performs the functions of a real tooth.

After tooth extraction, the patient may need to use dental implants, dentures, or dental bridges to fill up the space left by the extracted tooth or teeth. Secondly, the dentist might try to save your tooth first. However, that is only applicable to dental issues that allow for the decision or choice of preserving the tooth. This means that there are some cases where tooth extraction is the only solution.

Reasons Why People Extract Their Tooth Or Teeth

 There are various a people undergo tooth extraction.

  • Severe tooth pain caused by tooth infection can be a reason for tooth extraction. When people suffer from tooth infections, they are at a higher risk of getting a severe toothache. When this happens, the patient might not want to consider other dental procedures due to the severe pain he or she is going through. Since tooth extraction is a fast way of getting rid of toothache and tooth infection, most patients always see tooth extraction as a more likely solution. While some might agree to go for a root canal treatment that saves their natural tooth, some patients might want a quick and faster solution. They can then decided to fill up the extracted tooth’s space later if they want to.
  • Patients who suffer from the injured or broken teeth through accidents might require tooth extraction to take out the complete tooth. When a person’s teeth are broken into half, they have the option of either filling up the tooth with dental fillings or taking out the entire tooth. However, the decision lies on the patient’s readiness to get a dental filling or go for a tooth extraction instead. In most cases where small pieces of the teeth are scattered inside the gums, a dental filling is impossible and such a patient would have to get teeth extraction to take out all whole tooth from its roots.
  • People also get tooth extraction for a wisdom tooth or teeth removal. Wisdom teeth are the teeth that grow behind the molar thereby causing a forceful eruption. If there is no room for the wisdom tooth to erupt, it causes tooth pain. This is common in adolescents who are almost done with teething. In this case, the dentist either removes the wisdom tooth or removes the molar before the wisdom tooth to create space for the wisdom tooth to erupt out completely. If your child is experiencing wisdom teeth eruption, you can visit a pediatric dentist near you or a pediatric dentist in Redding.
  • Tooth extraction can also be used to reduce excess teeth or overcrowded teeth. When a person has a narrow space for teeth eruption, they might be experience overcrowding thereby suffering crooked or misaligned teeth. This can cause talking or biting problems. The kind of dental treatment that dentists use for people with narrow teeth space is called orthodontics. Before orthodontics can be applied the tooth extractions dentist has to extract one or more teeth to create space for the device to work effectively.
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