How Can Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth And Gums While Enjoying Sugary Treats

How Can Kids Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums While Enjoying Sugary Treats?

April 1, 2023

Do you find yourself battling with getting your child to maintain good oral health? Admittedly, you are not the only parent. Many children are reluctant to care for their teeth and gums. However, it does not mean that you should be loose about the benefits of good dental care for maintaining healthy teething gums. Perhaps the place to begin is minding what your child eats in a day.

Why is Food Important for Teeth and Gums?

Teeth and gums are in direct contact with anything you eat. Therefore, the contents of your meal choices directly impact the health of your teeth and gums. Pediatric dentists near you are not exaggerating when they emphasize eating healthily alongside good oral hygiene for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

​Different Ways to Maintain Healthy Teeth and Gums

Your gums are equally as important as your teeth. Therefore, if you want to excel in dental health, you should concern yourself with your gums and teeth. Some ways to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums are:

  1. Eat healthily – take it seriously when your dentist advocates for eating lots of fruits and vegetables. They provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy mouth and body.
  2. Floss daily – flossing can target the areas in your gum line where plaque can hide. Dental floss reaches the food residues that your toothbrush cannot reach.
  3. Drink lots of water – they keep the mouth moist and hydrated always. Water also complements your saliva to neutralize acidity in the mouth, which often leads to oral infections. Further, water will flush out toxins from your mouth and body.

​How to Take Care of Oral Health and Regular Checkups for Your Child

Children need extra help to maintain good health. If you are already involved in their general health, you should also be concerned for their oral health. Some of the tips to help you take care of your child’s oral health and regular checkups are:

  1. ​Consult your pediatric dentist near you – let them handle the side of oral health you are not able to do for your child. Besides, a pediatric dentist will provide tips and guidelines for encouraging good oral health for your child.
  2. Don’t skip dental appointments – aside from getting actionable information from your dentist, regular visits are essential for dental cleanings.
  3. Practice dental care measures together – participating in oral care habits like teeth brushing encourage your child to do better for their oral health.
  4. Plan healthy meals – children can only eat whatever is accessible in their homes. Therefore, ensure you stack up on healthy foods and snacks so your child is always eating healthily. Some examples of healthy food for kid’s teeth include:
    1. a.Raw fruits and vegetables – carrots, apples, and celery are among the foods that could benefit your child’s teeth. Their crunch can encourage strong jaw muscles, well scraping off plaque from teeth. Consider cutting the vegetables and fruits into small and manageable pieces for your child.
    2. b.Foods with high water content – melons, cucumbers, and celery are among the very watery foods that can help clean the mouth. Therefore, you can choose to offer these foods to your child after meals.
    3. c.Proteins – foods rich in proteins like lean meats strengthen tooth enamels.
    4. d.Dairy products – are rich in vitamin D and calcium for building strong teeth and bones.

Should You Discontinue Sugary Foods for Your Child?

Although at Shasta Kids Dentistry we discourage sugary foods, it does not mean that your child can never have there are snacks of choice. Instead, it means you should reduce the consumption of sugary foods or find healthy alternatives. Besides, if you can find a balance between healthy and sugary foods and snacks, your child me not suffer from infections that necessitate gum treatment in Redding, CA. Some alternatives for sugary treats for your child are:

  1. Fresh blended juices and smoothies instead of sodas
  2. Natural peanut butter instead of chocolate
  3. Dried fruit like raisins instead of gummy bears
  4. Homemade fruit popsicles instead of ice-cream
  5. Fresh fruits instead of chips and crisps
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