How Do You Pull out a Tooth in a Dental Emergency?

How Do You Pull out a Tooth in a Dental Emergency?

November 1, 2022

Dentists recommend tooth extractions for reasons such as excessive decay, gum disease, infections, overall health reasons, and injuries. In addition, extractions for impacted wisdom teeth are routinely suggested to teenagers and adults because the third molars are problematic and challenging to clean because of their location.

Although dentists make all efforts to preserve the natural tooth by trying to avoid extractions using therapies to help save the tooth, occasionally, they confront patients approaching them with dental emergencies that might need a tooth extraction to safeguard the dental and overall health of the patient.

Dental emergencies are not the exclusive domain of adults or seniors. Children can also get involved in accidents when biking or playing contact sports and suffer impacts on their mouth that might severely damage a tooth with cracks extending below the gum line. In such situations, dentists try to save the tooth by considering options to repair it. Unfortunately, in some cases, they have no choice but to recommend tooth removal to benefit the patient and their oral health.

Can an Emergency Dentist Pull Teeth?

Emergency dentists are professionals completing four years of dental school and acquiring the training and education necessary to perform all dental procedures. Emergency dentistry isn’t a specialty in dentistry but is a voluntary service provided by dentists working beyond office hours and on holidays to help people affected by dental situations when least expected.

Emergency dentists can perform any dental procedure, including extractions needed by patients occasionally, for the reasons described earlier. If you think you have a severely infected tooth causing excruciating pain and swelling in your mouth and visit emergency dentistry in Redding, CA, the professionals will likely recommend root canal treatment to preserve your natural tooth. However, if they cannot salvage your tooth because of deep infections to the dental pulp, the professional suggests removal to prevent the disease from spreading to your remaining teeth and your body through your bloodstream.

Emergency dentists equip themselves with the necessary infrastructure and staff to perform minor and severe dental procedures, including tooth removals. However, tooth extractions are always recommended as a last resort when the dentist has exhausted the most available options for treating it.

How To Dentists Pull Out Teeth?

Whether you need teeth removed to receive replacements like dental implants or you have a severely damaged tooth with a fracture extending the roots of the tooth and visit the Redding dentist, the professional will recommend emergency dental extraction after considering your situation and assessing whether you must have the tooth removed immediately or can wait for some time before the removal.

For example, if your kid has returned home in the evening with a broken tooth and is complaining of severe pain with bleeding in the mouth, the situation aggravates if left untreated. Therefore when you visit the Redding dentist for advice, they might attempt to save the tooth but recommend removal if they notice severe damage that might impact your kid’s dental health.

The tooth removal procedure is relatively straightforward, requiring a simple surgical removal. However, teeth broken below the gum line often require surgical extractions completed by the emergency dentist in approximately 45 minutes.

Patients needing visible teeth extracted are recommended a simple extraction requiring dentists to numb the area around the tooth, providing local anesthesia before removing the affected tooth by loosening it with elevators and completing the removal with forceps.

However, surgical extractions require dentists to make incisions in the gums after anesthetizing and sedating the patient to ensure calmness in the patient before proceeding with the tooth removal.

Whether emergency dentists extract teeth using simple or surgical procedures, they provide adequate after-care instructions for all patients to help them recover quickly from the extraction. In both situations, patients can return home after the process remaining determined to follow the dentist’s instructions stringently for assistance with uncomplicated healing.

Occasionally patients confront problems after getting teeth removed due to infections or other complications. In such cases, emergency dentists do not hesitate to help them if contacted for an urgent dental care appointment late in the evening or on holidays. Emergency dentists are dedicated to providing services to people when all other professionals spend quality time with their families or are involved in other activities. The professionals are fully qualified to perform emergency tooth extractions or other procedures to ensure their patient’s dental and overall health remains unaffected by a problem with their mouth.

Shasta Kids Dentistry performs emergency tooth removal procedures on children involved in accidents when playing sports or developing infections that might cause health problems if left untreated. If your kid needs a severe injury treated and the dentist cannot salvage the tooth, they recommend removal with a space maintainer provided as a prosthetic to replace the missing tooth. Therefore if you confront a dental emergency late in the day, kindly do not hesitate to visit this practice for the treatment necessary.

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