How Long Does It Take for My Tongue Frenectomy to Heal?

How Long Does It Take for My Tongue Frenectomy to Heal?

September 1, 2022

Have you ever felt the band of tissue above your front teeth that connect to the upper lip? Or tried to lift your tongue and see a thin piece of tissue attached to the bottom of your mouth? This’s referred to as the frenulum or frenum, a normal mouth part.

In some cases, the frenulum can be too tight and impair oral function, meaning you might need a frenectomy procedure. Luckily, this procedure is common in the dentist’s office. A frenectomy is an oral surgery that helps treat a tongue or lip tie. For example, it can increase the tongue’s range of motion or close a gap between two teeth. This is a simple treatment that offers a wide range of benefits.

Please keep reading to know what dental frenectomy is, whether it’s painful or recovery.

What is Dental Frenectomy?

This’s also called frenulectomy, an oral surgery procedure that helps treat tongue-tie or lip-tie. During the process, your oral surgeon or dentist modifies or cuts a frenum. The frenum is a band of connective tissue that joins two areas in your mouth. For example, the frenum joins your tongue to the floor of your mouth or your lips to your gums.

You have several frena, the plural of a frenum, in your mouth. Most of the time, this frenum doesn’t cause any issues. However, if a frenum is too tight or too short, it may cause oral health problems and negatively impact speech. In kids, it may cause issues with breastfeeding and swallowing.

Who Needs Frenectomy?

Mostly, frenectomies are performed on kids with feeding or speech issues. But sometimes, frenectomies are also necessary for adults. For example, a frenum can be tight and pull your gums away from the teeth. A frenectomy helps free the band of connective tissue and reduce the risk of gum recession, gaps, and other oral health problems.

What’s the Purpose of a Frenectomy?

There are several reasons you or your child may need a frenectomy. Your healthcare may recommend this procedure to correct a frenum that’s causing:

  • A tongue tie that limits the tongue’s range of motion
  • A lip-tie that limits lip movement
  • Diastema which is a gap between your teeth that may be cosmetically displeasing to some people
  • Swelling, pain, or tenderness with brushing or oral care
  • Gum recession may lead to cavities, gingivitis, and mobility.

What are The Types of Frenectomies?

There are two types of dental frenectomies:

Lingual Frenectomy:┬áThis process modifies or removes the band of tissue that connects the tongue’s underside to the mouth’s floor. A lingual frenectomy procedure is used to correct tongue ties.

Labial Frenectomy: A maxillary frenectomy helps remove the band of tissue that connects the upper gums to your front teeth. Labial frenectomies help correct lip-ties. It’s essential to note that labial frenectomy may also be performed on the lower lip, but it’s more common on the upper lip.

What Happens During Frenectomy Procedure?

Before your dentist in Shasta Kids Dentistry performs the frenectomy procedure, they review your health history. They’ll also discuss sedation options with you. Then, your dentist will help you determine the right sedation for you and your child.

In babies, scissors are used to remove the frenulum. This’s usually quick and takes a few minutes. With local anesthesia, your dentist may numb your tissue around the frenum in adults and older children. Once you find comfort, they’ll modify or remove your frenum using surgical scissors or a scalpel. In some cases, your dentist may use stitches to close the incision. Usually, the procedure takes 30 minutes or less.

After the procedure, your dentist gives you detailed post-operative instructions. In addition, you may be given pain relievers to control any discomfort.

Is A Frenectomy Painful?

You shouldn’t worry because the frenectomy procedure in Redding, CA, is a quick and pain-free treatment that your dentist does in one visit.

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

In babies, the recovery is fast, and they usually feed without difficulty immediately. In adults and older children, frenectomy recovery time normally takes about 3-5 days. Your dentist gives instructions to help you manage discomfort during the healing time.

Most people go back to school, work, or other routines a day after the procedure.

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