Frenotomy in Redding, CA

Sometimes infants are born with what is known as a “tongue-tie” or a “lip tie.” This is due to a bit of soft tissue in the mouth called the “frenum” that connects to the lips and gums. An infant’s frenum may be too short or tight, which can interfere with nursing, swallowing, and even speech development. Thankfully, our dentist near you can correct these conditions with frenotomy in Redding, CA.

A frenotomy is a relatively simple procedure with minimal risks or complications. Dr. Andy Ingersoll can perform this procedure for infants safely and professionally in an office setting. If your infant is impeded by their frenum, Shasta Kids Dentistry offers frenotomy near you.

Lingual Frenotomy

The soft tissue that connects your tongue to your mouth is called the lingual frenum. Some infants are born with a shortened lingual frenum that limits and restricts the movement of their tongue. This is commonly known as “tongue-tie,” though the medical condition is called ankyloglossia.

Tongue-tie can interfere with breastfeeding, which can affect your infant’s weight gain and nutrition. In addition, children with a tongue tie often develop speech problems as they grow older. To correct this condition and prevent these issues, our dentist in Redding, CA, can perform a quick and safe procedure called a lingual frenotomy. This allows an infant’s tongue a greater range of motion and alleviates problems with nursing and speech.

Maxillary Frenotomy

The soft tissue that connects your upper lip to the gumline above the front teeth is called the labial frenum. Some infants are born with a shorter than average labial frenum, or “lip adhesion.” This condition creates difficulty in terms of a child’s speech development.

Lip adhesions can also compromise the oral health and dental development of a child. This condition often interferes with fully cleaning front teeth and gums, increasing the risk of gum disease and other oral health complications. To correct this condition, Dr. Andy Ingersoll can perform a maxillary frenotomy to give the upper lip greater mobility.

Of course, it concerns for parents to consider any procedure performed on their infant. However, children with tongue-tie or lip tie can develop health problems early on because of inefficient nursing and subsequent communication problems due to interference in speech development. Our children’s practice ensures your child’s safety and simple recovery with lingual or maxillary frenotomy. Contact Shasta Kids Dentistry for more information.

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