Infant Education

Infant Education in Redding, CA

Tooth decay is considered the most common of chronic diseases affecting children in the United States. Experts claim that nearly half of U.S. children already suffer from tooth decay by age five. Widespread early childhood dental decay is preventable with parent and infant education near you.

At our children’s practice, Dr. Andy Ingersoll and his staff will ensure that your child receives professional dental care. Shasta Kids Dentistry offers parent and infant education in Redding, CA, to prevent tooth decay and future dental issues in children.

Early Dental Exams

Though it may seem strange for parents, experts recommend beginning regular dental exams in infancy or early childhood. These early dental exams with our dentist in Redding, CA, provide a foundation for lifelong oral health. Here are some of the benefits of early dental exams for infants and their parents:

  • Prevention of tooth decay and cavities
  • Maintenance of healthy teeth for chewing food, clear speech, and a confident smile
  • Establishment of a cooperative and supportive relationship between dentist, child, and parents

The current recommendation is that infants should have their first visit with our dentist near you at the appearance of the first tooth in the mouth or by age one.

Parent and Infant Education in Redding, CA

Just as infants attend well-baby visits with their doctor, these appointments are important for dental visits as well. During these appointments, Dr. Andy Ingersoll will assess your child’s oral health and educate parents and caregivers about how to care for their children’s teeth.

For example, our dentist near you will explain proper oral hygiene habits to help prevent tooth decay. This includes how to brush those first teeth and the risks of letting children fall asleep with a bottle containing milk or juice, which increases the risk of developing cavities before age five.

Our dentist in Redding, CA, is there to encourage, support, and educate parents through early childhood appointments. This establishes a positive and professional relationship that fosters proper oral health habits for parents and their infants. Contact Shasta Kids Dentistry to find out more about parent and infant education near you and begin your child’s path to oral health.