Infant Exams

Infant Exams in Redding, CA

Most new parents would be surprised to find that experts recommend an initial dental visit within an infant’s first year or within six months of the first tooth’s appearance in the mouth. Though that may seem early, assessing dental health in infancy allows for optimal prevention of dental issues and maintenance of good oral health habits over the child’s lifetime.

Shasta Kids Dentistry offers infant exams in Redding, CA. This allows parents reassurance of their child’s oral health and begins the family’s path towards comprehensive dental care with our dentist near you.

What to Expect During Infant Dental Exams

Infant dental exams are generally brief. Our staff will ensure the safety and stability of the child at all times, with parents near at hand.

Our dentist in Redding, CA, will assess your infant’s growth and development. This includes the tissues inside and outside the mouth, as well as any teeth that have emerged from the gum line. If there is any identification of plaque, gum disease, cavities, or trauma, a treatment plan will be created. Only a small percentage of young children develop oral health issues in infancy.

However, early detection of these problems leads to more efficient and effective treatment and prevents worsening dental problems in the future.

Benefits of Infant Exams Near You

Infant exams near you offer parents and children several benefits. In addition to early screening for dental problems with your infant, our dentists will provide parents with guidance to maintain excellent oral hygiene at home, prevent mouth injury, and implement healthy dietary habits to reduce risks of tooth decay.

Here are just some of the benefits of infant dental exams:

  • Establishes early familiarity with dental exams
  • Promotes a meaningful relationship between the child and dental care provider
  • Allows for early detection and treatment of tooth decay or dental disease
  • Encourages prioritization of routine dental care at home and in-office
  • Creates comprehensive dental/medical record of oral health

Though it may seem strange to parents that their infant with hardly any teeth would benefit from a dental exam, the benefits are clear. Shasta Kids Dentistry offers infant exams near you to promote lifelong oral health and dental care. Contact our children’s practice for more information.