White Aesthetic Crowns

White Aesthetic Crowns in Redding, CA

Dental crowns are one of the most versatile restorative treatments available to patients. Traditionally, if a child needed a dental crown, it would be made of stainless steel—especially for molars. Though these “silver” crowns are durable and affordable, they are noticeable in the mouth. Thanks to advances in dentistry, white aesthetic crowns are an alternative to stainless steel ones.

White aesthetic crowns look just like natural teeth. When applied to primary teeth in children, these durable crowns can last until permanent teeth come through the gums. If a crown is recommended for your child by our dentist near you, it’s important to understand available options. Shasta Kids Dentistry offers white aesthetic crowns in Redding, CA.

Reasons Your Child May Need a Crown

There are several reasons why your child may need a dental crown. However, the primary reason for this restorative treatment in children is extensive tooth decay. Previously, dentists would perform extractions on primary teeth with serious decay. However, it’s understood now that preserving primary teeth is important for development and oral functions.

Our dentist in Redding, CA, recommends pediatric crowns to treat teeth that are:

  • Chipped
  • Damaged
  • Broken
  • Improperly developing
  • Decayed across an area too large for a filling
  • Other dental defects

Overall, it’s important to preserve a child’s primary teeth until they naturally fall out. This helps with oral functions such as chewing and speaking. Pediatric crowns applied by Dr. Andy Ingersoll reduce the risk of continued decay for the affected tooth. In addition, they allow permanent teeth to come in properly, which can help prevent future orthodontic treatment.

White Aesthetic Crowns Near You

White aesthetic crowns are pre-made ceramic crowns designed for children. They are made of zirconia and look just like a natural, healthy tooth. Therefore, white aesthetic crowns near you function as a form of protection for your child’s damaged tooth and an aesthetically natural look as opposed to stainless steel crowns.

During your child’s dental exam, Dr. Andy Ingersoll can identify any damaged teeth that may require a pediatric crown as a means of protection, preservation, and restoration. Shasta Kids Dentistry offers white aesthetic crowns in Redding, CA, as an alternative to stainless steel crowns. Contact our office for more information.