What You Should Do if Your Child Damages a Tooth

What You Should Do if Your Child Damages a Tooth

December 1, 2022

It’s important to know what to do if your child damages a tooth. Being properly educated will ensure that you know just what action to take if your little one breaks, chips or knocks lose a tooth.

Most importantly, regardless of how minimal the damage appears, you should take your child to the dentist as soon as possible to make sure there are no further injuries to their mouth, jaw area, or other teeth.

In some instances, your child may not appear to be in discomfort. This is, of course, preferable. But there are some injuries that may cause your child severe pain.

Knowing What to Do

In the event of a breakage, contact your family dental office immediately. In the meantime, rinse out your child’s mouth with lukewarm water. Anything too hot or cold could result in causing your little one even more pain.

Place a cold compress on their face after the breakage occurs, as this will help keep swelling down. If you are able to find the part of the tooth that broke off, hang onto it so you can show your family dentist.

If your child is an infant and they accidentally knocked out a tooth, don’t attempt replanting it. This could potentially damage the permanent tooth that’s coming in behind it. If the tooth that got knocked out is their permanent tooth, rinse it off and gently replant it in their mouth as quickly as you can.

Take your child to the dentist immediately for further assistance and instruction.

Replanting a Tooth

Remember, only attempt replanting a tooth if it is a permanent tooth. First, always be sure to handle the tooth from the crown and never the root.

When rinsing, use cold water only – never scrub the tooth or use soap to clean it. After rinsing, gently insert the root of the tooth into the socket.

Once the tooth is in place, your child will need to gently bite down on a washcloth to help secure the tooth in place.

If the tooth won’t stay, put it in a clean plastic bag or container and keep it moist as best you can until you see your dentist. Saline solution, saliva, water, and cold milk are good for keeping a tooth moist in a pinch.

While you can’t avoid all accidents, you can act fast. Replanting a lost tooth within 5 minutes will give you the best chance of saving the tooth.