When Should an Infant Get a Frenectomy?

When Should an Infant Get a Frenectomy?

March 1, 2022

Newborns can be born with lip-tie or tongue-tie. It limits their potential to swallow, chew food, breathe, and nurse. These two conditions are attached to lips and tongue associated with the mouth with extra connective tissue.

Did you know about 10% of infants in the United States have a lip tie or tongue tie? Frenotomy in Redding, CA is a process where the expert cuts the lingual frenulum. The dental expert does it when the frenulum appears to be tight or short. Abnormal frenulum also restricts the potential of a newborn to breastfeed.

About Infant Frenectomy

Infant frenectomy procedure is quick and has less discomfort within the initial few weeks after birth. In the case of the extended maxillary labial frenum, few people believe that it increases the risk of orthodontic problems.

It hinders the normal spacing and growth of two upper teeth. We advise you to delay the orthodontic treatment till the adult teeth of your baby occur.

Sometimes, the development of adult teeth makes the gap caused by the extended labial frenum close naturally.

When to Perform an Infant Frenectomy?

If your little one is facing the side effects of lip tie or tongue tie, the pediatric dentist suggests a frenectomy as a permanent solution. As you know, short or extended lingual frenum restricts tongue movement and makes breastfeeding more difficult.

If the condition is not treated till your infant turns older, he/she may also deal with speech issues, unlike their peers. In some cases, the condition gets unnoticed after the kid reaches school age. The tongue or lip tie may also go undisclosed during regular check-ups.

Extended frena in kids prevent tongue extension. The little one may also find swallowing painful and tough. If you see gaps between teeth despite braces installed, then the emergency pediatric dentist in Redding, CA does a labial frenectomy to fix this issue.

What to Expect After Frenectomy in Infants?

Below are the few things you can expect after your infant frenectomy:

Irritation During the Initial Week

Infant crying after frenectomy is common. It is due to the increased irritation during the first week. Try skin-to-skin contact to make your baby comfortable.

Latching Issue

Retrying of sucking and soreness in your newborn may result in inconsistent feedings. We advise you to take help from a certified lactation professional.

More Sleeping

If you found your infant sleeping more, it may be due to many reasons like exhaustion, medicine, etc. Remember, it is normal for babies to have increased sleeping patterns after a frenectomy.

Increase Spitting up and Choking

Sometimes, infants find it difficult to adjust to an enhanced milk flow.

More Saliva Production

As your little one adjusts to a new motion, he/she will face difficulty in controlling saliva. Increasing saliva is actually a part of the healing process after frenectomy.

Blood in Saliva

You may even spot blood in the saliva of your infant after doing exercises and stretches. It’s because sometimes, healing areas stick together.

After Frenectomy Stretching Exercises

After frenectomy, post-operative care for your infant is essential. It includes a series of lip and tongue exercises. They help with the healing. It is common for babies to face mild swelling and discomfort after a frenectomy. However, these symptoms paid away quickly after 24 hours.

Make sure you visit your doctor before administering any medicine to your kid after frenectomy surgery. Your baby will instantly start brush feeding. It gives you some peace of mind. Breast milk usually has many healing properties. Thus, nursing can help in fast recovery.

Your infant needs to perform stretching exercises a few times a day for a minimum of 4 weeks. Do upper lip stretches first if the specialist performs both lip tie and tongue tie surgery. It helps in the reattachment of open wounds. Make sure you wash your hands before doing any oral wound stretches. If your baby cries, stay patient and try to include some play between each.

Pediatric Dentist Near Me

Frenectomies prevent other health issues such as trouble in speech, dental decay, digestive problems, etc. Consult a specialist at Shasta Kids Dentistry. The expert will help your baby adapt to nursing after lip tie and tongue tie operation.

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