Why Dental Exams and Cleanings Are Essential for Kids

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Why Dental Exams and Cleanings Are Essential for Kids

April 1, 2021

Regular dental exams and cleanings are essential for everyone, including kids, as a crucial part of preventive dental care. During dental exams, the pediatric dentist in Redding evaluates your child’s risk of tooth decay. The exam may include applying dental sealants or fluoride to the child’s teeth to reduce the risk of tooth decay. Dental exams for children may also include dental x-rays or other diagnostic procedures.

The dentist or dental hygienist will likely discuss your child’s oral hygiene habits and diet while demonstrating appropriate brushing and flossing techniques. Other topics for discussion might include preventing oral injuries, the health risks associated with tobacco use for adolescents, oral piercings, and substance abuse.

Why Are Dental Exams Are Essential for Kids?

A kid’s dental examination is essential to protect the child’s oral health. The exams enable the kid’s dentist to detect problems early when treatments deliver better outcomes and provide tips to care for your child’s teeth.

Many factors may determine how frequently your child needs dental exams, including their age, health, risk of tooth decay, et cetera.

The AAPD and the ADA both recommend children’s first dental exam be scheduled immediately after their first tooth erupts and no later than age one. Baby teeth are cleaned, and their gums are examined during the well-baby visits.

For toddlers, school-age children, and adolescents, the AAPD recommends regular dental checkups at six-monthly intervals. However, dentists might recommend fewer or more frequent visits depending on your child’s oral health problems and any risk factors.

How to Prepare for Your Kids Dental Examination?

Before you schedule your kid’s first dental exam, consider whether you want to take the kid to your family dentist or prefer a pediatric dentist at Shasta kids dentistry, a specialist in providing dental and oral care to children from infants until adolescence. Pediatric dentists have kid-friendly offices and equipment catering exclusively to children.

You can prepare your child for the dental visit by scheduling the appointment for a time when the child is fully rested and likely to be cooperative. Do not put fear in the child’s mind by speaking about shots and pain but try to comfort the child as best possible. Please encourage your child to share their worries or concerns about visiting the dentist for a dental exam.

How Does the Cleaning Procedure Proceed?

A dental cleaning procedure is designed to keep your child’s oral cavity clean and free from bacteria. Dental hygienists have all the gadgets and tools to provide excellent cleaning during any dental work.

Children are usually not familiar with the process and may fear it. However, a dental cleaning is essential for children, just as it is for adults. Dental cavities are a significant concern in children’s mouths between the ages of six and 14. If adequate measures are not put in place early, your child can quickly fall prey to tooth decay and even encounter permanent tooth loss at an early age. It is why the Redding pediatric dentist emphasizes that dental cleanings are essential for children as early as possible to prevent the occurrence of tooth decay.

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How Do Children Benefit from Deep Cleanings?

Deep cleaning enables children to fight cavities because it is challenging for infections to developing a clean mouth. A deep clean leaves children with better oral hygiene with their mouth feeling fresh and clean. As a deep clean is always performed after dental exams, it enables the pediatric dentists to detect anomalies in the child’s mouth to ensure no problem is undetected or untreated.

Pediatric dentists also detect alignment problems with your child’s teeth during dental exams. Jawbone development issues are familiar with children and need treatment from orthodontics to let them have a proper bite.

Children also provided oral hygiene training to ensure they get all the reinforcement needed to care for their oral hygiene. Children learn how to brush their teeth correctly, use dental floss, and maintain the habit for a lifetime from a dental expert dealing exclusively with children. The education helps children to enjoy better oral hygiene and overall health throughout their lives.

After dental exams and cleanings, the dentist discusses your child’s oral health and tooth decay risk or any other oral health concerns. They also provide you information on any preventive measures you can take to improve and protect the oral health of your child.

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